PKF Aktive Feder Technologie engl.

"Sliding, instead of throwing, our alternative to the technology of magnetics"

A revolutionary novelty in swing promote physics!
An active reaction force compensation through PKF-Technology.




High speed doublespring for the application in Linear conveyors, approyimately supply systems or Vibration spiral conveyor systems, shelters.

  • Smallest harmonicwave formation and highly mechanical quality through bilateral restraint, precise lengthwise-linear generation of vibration.
  • Highest possible energy saving in combination with high mechanical handling capacities.
  • Best long-term behaviour, maintence-free and wear-freely.
  • High frequencies of oscillation to aproximattely 20000 oscillations/min (400 Hz.)
  • Simpy conception of promotion components with good price achievement relationship.
  • High quality standard - made of high-quality carbon fiber plastic


PKF-single springs for the application in swinging haulage systems in analogy to the classic magnet technology

  • High frequencies of oscillation up to 400 cycles per second possible.
  • Slip motion for all promotion hurry and simple realization of reaction force compensations.
  • Highest possible saving of energy.
  • 80% to 90% energy saving by inverse piezoelectric effect in relation to the magnet technology. 






  • Highly precise slip motion for all promotion hurries, bulk materials, powdered materials, proportion and applications of shelters.
  • High loading ability up to 100 KG for Linear conveyors and shelster systems, up to 50 KG for Vibration spiral conveyers.
  • Conveying speeds 15 metres per minute for Linear conveyors, up to 20 metres per minute for Vibration spiral conveyers.
  • Simple realization of reaction force compensations because of the phase-sensitiveness of the PKF-Elements.
  • Simple conception of promotion components.
  • Complete maintenance-free operation with compensated systems, reduction of the total weight by physical mass replacement.
  • Easily cascadeableness of segments for long promotion straining. 
  • Machines (for different works): to cleaning, to deburring and polishing surfaces, to welding plastic profiles, to consolidating powders etc.
  • 80% to 90% energy saving in relation to conventional systems.



Control electronics and application assistance


Suitable frequencey expensive devices in 6 different performance classes for individual and economic control of PKF "Aktivfeder" (active spring) elements with possibilty for the electronic synchronisation of building groups.

We advise you gladly with the selection of the components correct for the solution of your supply problems. In our house a comprehensive application assistance and the building of prototypes are possible. Project protection is ensured.


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